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Organically Grown Seedlings


Order & Pick-up Dates:
Your plants are ready for pick up 4 weeks
from the date we receive your order.

Start your organic garden with organically grown seedlings raised with TLC in a healthy, chemical-free planting mix. We start them from seeds that are either organic, heirloom, local, or a combination. Look for the Key to Seed Types on our Seedling LIst.

We've grown most of these varieties successfully in our Honolulu gardens. Take a stroll through our Recent Projects to see many of them at different stages of growth. We love to experiment with unusual varieties, and we'll continue to add to our list as we test new types for local growing conditions.

How to Order (Oahu only)

  1. Use our Seedling Order Form to place your order.
  2. Pay for your order and receive a voucher that states when your order will be ready, (4 weeks from the date we receive your order).
  3. On the date specified on your voucher, bring the voucher to Waikiki Worm Company at 1917 South King Street, Honolulu (click for map).
  4. Present your voucher and pick up your beautiful, healthy chemical-free seedlings. Then go home and start planting your edible landscape!

Free delivery on Oahu to current Foodscapes clients.

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