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Civil Eats - January 14, 2019
Edible Landscapes Are Un-Lawning America
These 12 businesses are among many nationwide ready to turn sterile, water- and chemical-intensive lawns into food forests. Foodscapes Hawaii offers a number of products and services to easily turn a patch of yard into a productive garden... Read Article »

Honolulu Star Advertiser - April 23, 2017
Palolo resident enjoys creativity, challenges of gardening
Fran Butera spent much of her 25-year career as a graphic designer confined within an office. When she turned 50, she was ready for something new.... Read Article »

Honolulu Star Advertiser - June 8, 2015
On a lanai in Kailua, vegetables and relationships flourish
Gerry Aluli smiled broadly as her two daughters helped her harvest the vegetables on the 10-by-40-foot lanai of her Kailua apartment, where kale, chard, turnips, chilies, celery, mint, green onion, aloe, taro and pikake grow in various pots and containers. ... Read Article »

Honolulu Star Advertiser - July 2014
Fresh surprises
Meg Lin is not afraid to pick up power tools and get her hands dirty. She's built raised-bed garden plots at her Manoa Valley home, created a three-step composting system... Read Article » - July 2014
Foodscapes Hawaii incorporates PCHS compost into gardens of success
It all started with an article in late June that featured Pearl City High School's Compost Sale from the school's 100% Waste Recovery Program. More »

Hawaii Home + Remodeling - April 2013
Grow a Gardener, Featuring Foodscapes Hawaii
The only thing that grew with any regularity in Nicole Kobayashi’s garden was frustration. Her friends recommended Foodscapes Hawaii to get her garden on track. More »

Island Sun Weekly - March 29, 2013
Top Tips for a Successful Edible Garden
Don’t let failed gardens and dead houseplants discourage you from trying again. Regardless of the island or neighborhood, if you have access to sunlight and water you can grow an edible garden. More »

Hawaii Business - July 2012
Foodscapes Grows Gardeners
Foodscapes Hawaii gardener-in-chief, Fran Butera, says she finds joy in “growing gardeners.” She and Jenny Engle, a former Foodscapes client, help budding gardeners with everything from design and installation to periodic maintenance of their gardens. More »

Island Sun Weekly - May 20, 2012
Foodscapes Hawaii Helps Locals Grow Their Own Food
Don’t think you have a green thumb? Fran Butera of Foodscapes Hawaii would have to disagree. "You CAN grow a beautiful garden, but it’s important to know what works for you and your lifestyle. More »

Honolulu Weekly - February 22, 2012
Big Pots, Small Plots
Food security, waste reduction and healthy fresh eating start at home and all in one place: your garden. More »

Ingredients Hawaii - Premiere February 4, 2012
The documentary film Ingredients Hawaii explores our nascent local food movement, including Foodscapes Hawaii's quest to grow gardeners.
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Honolulu Weekly - February 9, 2011
Edible Landscaping
The experience of growing food for one's self and one's family can profoundly alter the way one sees his environment and his place in it... Read Article »

KGMB9 & Pacific - August 8, 2010
Local Ventures: Innovative, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
KGMB's Kim Gennaula goes behind the scenes with some of Hawaii's most innovative and successful businesses. This week's segment focuses on highly creative companies using limited resources as a catalyst for change.
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Lei Chic - April 27, 2009
Garden Of Eatin'
Your idea of gardening is picking fresh peppers and arugula from the stands at the farmers market... Read Article »

Sunrise on KGMB9 - April 27, 2009
Sustainability & Solutions: Keeping Our Food Sources
It is said that solutions for moving forward are found in looking to the past, which may be true here as well.... View Video »