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Keiki Gardens

Keiki in the garden

Children love to dig and plant and make things grow. They're fascinated by the life they see all around them in the garden - worms, butterflies, caterpillars, birds, and all the "creepy crawlies" in the soil. A child's home garden is more than just a vegetable patch. It's a place to explore, a place to hide, a place to let imagination run free.

And, Moms, don't tell your kids but it's also a place to get them started on a lifetime of healthy eating habits. (Shhhhhhh. Our secret!) Kids who grow their own vegetables are more likely to enjoy eating a wide variety of fresh foods.

What else can gardening teach your child? Well, for starters:
• Science   • Math   • History   • Art   • Life Cycles   • Nutrition
• Patience   • Observation   • Flexibility   • Design & Planning
• Community   • Sustainability   • Self-Sufficiency
• Appreciation for Nature   • Respect for Life
      ... all disguised as FUN!

There's no better educational gift than a child's own garden.

Home gardens

We can tailor any of our Gardens or Garden Care Plans to be age-appropriate for your keiki. Please contact us for details and to set up an initial site visit.

Birthday Garden Parties

If you have a home garden or have ordered a Foodscapes Garden to be installed, we can plan a Birthday Garden Party for your child up to 8 years old. (Oahu only.) Please contact us for details and references.

School gardens

Teachers, we work with school groups to integrate gardening into class curricula. Please contact us for details and references.