Foodscapes Hawai‘i

Seed Collections

Have fun experimenting with themed gardens! These exciting seed collections will open your eyes to an incredible variety of herbs and vegetables for your garden and your table. Many are heirloom seeds passed down through generations of gardeners and small farmers. Great gifts for your gardening friends.

Each 12-pack Collection: $36.00

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The Gourmet Salad Garden

Butterking Lettuce
Garden Cress
Garlic Chives
Garden Sorrel
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
Mammoth Dill
Red Velvet Lettuce
Ruby Orach
Sweet Basil
Thai basil

The Garden of Asia

Bau Sin Mustard
Bean Sprouts
Edamame Sayamusume Soybean
Japanese Climbing Cucumber
Lemon Grass
Purple Shiso
Tai Sai Chinese Cabbage
Thai Green Eggplant
Thai Hot Pepper

The Garden of Europe

Armenian Cucumber
Black Hungarian Pepper
Chioggia Beet
Giant Musselburgh Leek
Green Arrow Pea
Listadia de Gandia Eggplant
Long Red Florence Onion
Melitopolski Watermelon
Purple Russian Tomato
Red Stalk Celery
Roc D'Or Yellow Wax Bean
Yugoslavian Red Lettuce

The Soup Garden

Cal Wonder Bell Pepper
Christmas Lima
Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean
Ed's Red Shallot
French Dinant Celery
Little Finger Carrot
Maui Onions
Prizetaker Leek
Red Drumhead Cabbage
Sugar Snap Pea
Tiger's Eye Bean
U.H. Super Sweet Corn

The Garden of the Americas

Cherokee Trail of Tears bean
Cheyenne Bush Pumpkin
Habanero Pepper
Hopi Orange Squash
Mayflower Bean
Painted Pony Bean
Pawnee Shell Bean
Peruvian Purple Pepper
Purple de Milpa Tomatillo
Russian Mammoth Sunflower
Three Sisters Tomato
U.H. Super Sweet Corn

The Kids' Garden

Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
Bulls Blood Beet
Calypso Bean
Golden Midget Watermelon
Miniature Bell Pepper
Orange Fantasia Swiss Chard
Ox Heart Carrot
Plum Purple Radish
Purple Dark Opal Basil
Titan Sunflower
Tom Thumb Pea
U.H. Super Sweet Corn

Due to seed supply variability, we may need to make substitutions when we fill your order. Mahalo.