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Dear Fellow Islanders,
In the coming months, our food supply will be strained in unforseeable ways. We encourage all Hawaii residents to grow food at home. We have back yards and lanais. We have sunshine, soil and water. We’ve always had the resources. Now we have a need as urgent as we’ve ever faced as an island community.

There’s a bright side to so many people staying home. Many hands make light work! Take those hours you would have spent commuting and devote them to food gardening. You’ll get food for your table and leave some on the store shelves for those who have no choice but to shop.

As a food cultivation business, we are open during Oahu’s business shutdown. We are observing all CDC guidelines for everyone’s safety. Please contact us for help with your new or existing kitchen garden. Mahalo. Stay safe and get growing! Aloha from the Foodscapes Crew.

NEW: You can now buy organic and heirloom seeds through our new shopping cart.

Our clients are the greatest! By learning to grow food at home, they've made "eating local" a fundamental (and fun) part of life in Hawaii. They are truly walking the talk.

See our clients' kitchen gardens and their beautiful results on our Photostream and our Recent Projects page.